Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why I Am Excited About Test Drive Unlimited 2

Back in March 2010, Atari announced Test Drive Unlimited 2. This is the sequel to the infamous Test Drive Unlimited franchise. The original TDU sold millions of copies. It is in fact also still in stores today (Stop looking at the "New Releases" section if you cant find it!). Oh and just in case you were wondering why i know its still in stock, I brought the game atleast 3 times ( Word Of Advice: Do not keep the cd in the original WILL scratch it). Anyways, back to TDU 2.

I am really excited for this game.For a number of reasons. So I will just leave them here. Oh and if you do not find big long reviews and detailed feature lists that are 957289578923579 pages long( Even though it may not be necessary at times) this might be the post for you.......wait....I am in my second paragraph already?....erm...better get started!

The Map

First of all this is only half (a very amazing half of a map probably the best "half-map" you have ever seen) the map of Ibiza as blogger decided not to show the full picture, click on it too view the whole glory. Anyways, if taking long long long long long long long long (and just before you thought it was impossible to add any more "long"'s to this sentence) long long long long long long long drives is your thing then this is the game for you. Not only will you save on gas you can also drive recklessly and the police (at least the real ones) wont care. The maps, which include Oahu and Ibiza, include thousands of miles of asphalt and dirt. This is impressive as it took 1 hour to circle the last map and it will longer in TDU2(May i suggest using the back roads, and stay off the freeway so you dont fall asleep behind the wheel which could be very joking here millions of tdu avatars die each year from falling asleep behind the wheel....No offense intended). The roads will also be host to cruises and what not.

The Cars

Sure this isn't Gran Turismo....but the car list is still pretty impressive. To show you how impressive it is, watch this:

Yes you did just see almost every Ferrari ever visualized in a single game, and no, your are not dreaming....unless you are reading this in your which case you are which case you must really be excited....dreaming about reading some blog post about a game made by some blogger.

Other Cars include; The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and 4 other Veyrons, Ariel Atom,Mercedes SLS AMG...and lots of other cars.

Gameplay Experience

Eden Games has outdid itself on this one. The whole game has been revamped. Driving physics have been reworked, you now have day and night cycles, rain, convertible tops and more. You can Even Customize your House with furniture and all and walk around and admire your house and garage full of cars you could never afford in real life. You can also pt decals on your cars....but plese....I beg you...dont but JDM stickers/Fartcans on a Ferrari...Please for the sake of humanity....Please!!! The most changed aspect of this game however, is the avatar. You can now, for example, go to a plastic surgeon and do stuff that would be physically impossible/painful in the real world...alternatively you can buy an Ariel Atom and rip around Ibiza ripping your face off.


The best part of TDU2...You can race other players as well as do other having convoy's...Demolition Derbies with your 500k off all the cars in your garage that your friend doesn't have but wish he did...or host parties....just make sure they dont drive home themselves as drunk driving is a SERIOUS issue....Now if you can excuse me I'm going to fetch something to eat/drink........

****5 minutes later******


anyways...***burps***... this ends my 4 reasons you should get TDU2( I will definitely post a ice review when i get my hands on this game)....*burps again*** now if you will excuse me I have to contain this situation.......but first...Here is some Copyright info to Entertain You all......

Test Drive ® Unlimited 2 © 2010 Atari, Inc. All rights reserved. Test Drive ®, M.O.O.R. ® and the M.O.O.R. ® logo are trademarks owned by Atari, Inc. Designed and developed by Eden Games. Published by Atari, Inc., New York, NY. Atari and the Atari logo are trademarks owned by Atari Interactive, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

...*BURP*... Oh and sorry if this post was long....I didn't mean to...but this will probably the best 6 paragraphs you have ever read made by some guy who you probably do not even know....If it wasn't....Im Sorry......Oh and Sorry For the Half ScreenShots.....


  1. I'm so excited about this game! Can't wait.

  2. I'm excited too, but yeah, tomorrow's the day... Hope you win the contest tough! It's a great article! Keep on blogging! If you have the time, can you visit my little blog about TDU2?

    Good luck,


  3. BEST 6 PARAGRAPGHS EVER KEEP BLOGGING SEND ME EMAILS OF YOUR BLOGS AT this sounds to be a great game dident know u could go to parties and decerate your house pls email me your blogs

  4. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. really good hope you will win because im gonna vote for you :)

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  8. rofl! the game is complete shit and unfinished but the arselickers still dont stop praising it you people are the reason atari will continue to release unfinished games cus thr are so many sheep that will blindly follow and eat the nuggets out their bumholes no matter how poorly treated. enjoy your mess

  9. okay there retard atari has done a great job with the game I give it 4/5 amazing features nothing like TDU. *

  10. @ anonymus who says the game is horrible...lets see you make a better game :|

  11. thanks for the votes everyone
    i got 3rd place
    ill post a review soon once my gaming rig comes back from the shop after being upgraded ;)


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